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Capt. Dave’s boat is the only one in the area that is a sturdy built all welded aluminum “commercial style” boat. With high-sides, all level deck, abundant shade, plenty of seating, and extremely safe and stable. It allows Capt. Dave to easily take people of all ages. But over the course of 20 plus years, as a full-time charter boat the “Jettywolf”, has become the go-to boat for taking young kids, on their first saltwater fishing trip.

So much, Capt Dave was highlighted, because of his many years of kids fishing trips, on the local Jacksonville TV show, “First Coast Living”.

Capt Dave calls them his ”famous 2 Hr. Kids Fishing trips”, because summer mornings are busy with them. Normally, a week day outing. But Capt Dave can many times take the kids fishing on a Sunday morning too, if he’s available.

Fun, for all. So much to see and learn for the youngsters. And of course, you’re there to help the kids catch their first saltwater big one!

Advance reservations, with a $100 deposit to secure your date.

2 hour Kids Fishing trips:  2-10 years old is the usual ages. Just long enough, but not too long. Usually a max. of 4 persons, (See bottom of “rates page” for details) Or just contact Capt Dave by calling: 904-642-9546

Other 2 hour charter services, up to 6 persons:   Burials at sea (Scattering of ashes) and Marine life photography.