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Contact Capt Dave for Full-Time Fishing Guide in Jacksonville, FL

Capt. Dave’s Sport Fishing has been providing a full-time fishing guide in Jacksonville, FL, since 1996. With thousands of customers over those years. Capt. Dave’s motto is; “No long boat rides.” Because he likes to fish, not boat ride. All fishing trips are a maximum of 4 persons. (see rates page for more info)

Departing from the Mayport Boat Ramp, or the Sisters Creek Boat Ramp has you just a few miles from where his ‘Jettywolf’ (26 foot all welded commercial Aluminum boat) spends a lot of time at The Mayport Jetties, aka: “the St. Johns River Inlet” to the Atlantic Ocean.

The mile-long Jetties with their giant granite boulders are stacked in a pyramid shape on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the St. Johns River. This is a large man-made structure that dominates this area. It is home to all kinds of diverse fish species throughout the year.

Capt. Dave may also take the  26′ Jettywolf from Mayport towards downtown Jacksonville, or north to Ft. George River and Nassau Sound, and south to the Atlantic Blvd. Intracoastal waterway bridge.

Depending on the season and conditions we’ll fish the river, inlet, coastal Ocean waters offshore and nearshore reefs, in search of a good bite.

Most of the time long boat rides aren’t necessary to have a fun day of fishing.

“It’s really simple. Lines in the water are what catches fish!”


If you have questions or concerns about our full-time fishing guide in Jacksonville, FL, feel free to contact us.